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SmartHealth Dental+Vision

No Network Requirements - No Waiting Periods

SmartHealth Dental+Vision Plan
SmartHealth Dental+Vision Plan
SmartHealth Dental+Vision Plan
SmartHealth Dental+Vision Plan
SmartHealth Dental+Vision Plan
SmartHealth Dental+Vision Plan

SHC Dental+Vision Plan Highlights

Supplemental Add-on Benefit

Easily take care of both your smile and your eyesight with this dental and vision benefit. There are no network requirements or waiting periods - begin using your full benefits on your effective date.

Policy Highlights

  • Low premiums - starting at $56.00/month
  • No waiting periods for dental or vision benefits
  • No network requirements - see any provider
  • Dependent coverage available
  • $1000 Annual maximum benefit per insured

  • Dental Benefit - Type 1:
    Oral Exams; Routine Cleanings; Sealants; Full Mouth X-ray; Bitewing X-ray; Histopathologic Exams; Panoramic X-ray; Fluoride Application; Fillings; Periapical X-rays; and Anesthetics

  • Dental Benefit - Type 2:
    Space Maintainers; Emergency Care for Pain Relief; Root Canal /Endodontics; Periodontal Scaling and Root planning; Simple Extractions; Oral Surgery; Crowns; Dentures; and Bridges

  • Dental Benefit - Type 3:
    Inlays / Onlays; Prosthesis over implants; Repair to bridges, crowns, inlays; and Denture adjustments and repairs

  • Vision Benefits:
    Routine Exams; Lenses - single, bifocal, trifocal; Eye glass frames; Contact lenses; Lens sealants; Histopathologic Exams

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